Farming 2021

Vegetable beds

Built some vegetable beds this year as there wasn’t much else to do because of covid. Planning on becoming a weekend farmer this year.

I tried growing seedlings (indoors) for some herbs, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, bitter gourd, bottle gourd. The important lessons learnt this year are

  • Start the seedling process in end of Feb or 1st week of March
  • Grow seedlings indoors for peppers and all of the gourds. Everything else is pain and did not survive.
  • It’s much cheaper to buy seedlings for all of the herbs, tomatoes, eggplants from the farmer’s market in the last two weeks of April and probably first week of May.

The only thing left for me to plan now is collards, lettuce, beans and okra. Will probably get them planted tomorrow.


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