Wireless issues on Lenovo Flex running FC 33

I purchased a Lenovo Flex couple of months ago and installed Fedora 33 on it. Was really frustrated with the wifi on the laptop. The realtek wireless drivers merged in the official kernel suck big time.

Trying out a solution, hope will work (and it did not)

sudo nmcli con reload wlp2s0

The above command to restart the wireless seems to have helped. Also following are the wireless kernel modules that are currently loaded

lsmod | grep rt
rtl88x2ce            3018752  0
rtw_8822ce             16384  0
rtw_8822c             471040  1 rtw_8822ce
rtw_pci                28672  1 rtw_8822ce
rtw_core              212992  2 rtw_8822c,rtw_pci
mac80211             1081344  2 rtw_core,rtw_pci

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