Being Free

What does Freedom really mean ? The best answer to this question (as per me) was given by Dr. Richard Hipp in his interview for the Corecursive podcast. As per Dr Hipp, Freedom means able to take care of oneself without being dependent on others. I think this is the idea of Freedom that America was built on. Unfortunately today many people interpret Freedom to being able to do what everywhere they want which is just wrong since it removes the element of responsibility from the definition.

Mistakes made

Made quite a few mistakes in my first year of vegetable planting

  • Tomatoes should be planted separately. The tomato plants have completely taken over my vegetable bed at this point.
  • Trim tomato plants regularly. This is another reason why tomato plants have completely taken over my vegetable beds.
  • Eggplants, Okra, Peppers need to go in one bed, while all of the leafy vegetables need to go in another bed. Okra needs to go behind in a bed since okra plants seem to grow really tall.
  • Need to plant purple kale. Seems to grow really well in our weather here.
  • Plant some sunflowers and other flowers in the bed pockets, they seem to attract lots of bees.

Lenovo Flex 5 Wifi card replacement

I had bought a Lenovo Flex 5 a couple of months ago and am running Fedora Linux 33 (and now 34) on it. The factory wifi card (RealTek) on this laptop sucked big time on Linux. The wifi was slow and the connection kept dropping from time to time. I tried a bunch of opensource drivers but without much success. After being frustrated about it for a while I finally ordered an Intel Wifi card from Amazon and replaced the realtek one with it. Wifi is now blazing fast on the laptop without any disconnection issues.

Direct sow

I have add success with sowing the following seeds directly in the ground

  • Gourds (after soaking the seeds for 24 hours)
  • Okra
  • Leafy veggies such as Kale (mid march), Arugula, Collards, Mustard etc
  • Cilantro (after crushing the seeds into two)

No seedlings next year

Most of my seedlings (except peppers and tomatoes) have died out by now due to over exposure to sun. I won’t be growing any seedlings next year. The important learning with seedlings is that seedlings need to be gradually exposed to the sun. They need to be first exposed indirectly to the sunlight for a week and then couple of hours directly for a week or two before moving them out in full direct sun.

It’s much easier and cheaper to just buy seedlings from Raleigh’s farmer’s market. For gourd seeds will buy them from Etsy, have found a good vendor TommorrowSeeds there.

Dead gourds

Looks like all of my gourd seedlings died because of over exposure to sun. Next year will remember to plant the gourd seeds directly instead of growing seedlings. Also another important lesson about planting gourd seeds is to soak them in water for 24 hours before planting them into the soil.