Opensource contributions

I always wanted to contribute to some major Opensource project since my engineering student days (more that 10 years ago). In those days I was looking to contribute the Linux kernel project but never did I get a chance.

Howpever as part of my work for Nuage, I have been (finally) able to contribute to Opensource projects. Specifically I have contributed to the following Opensource projects

  • Openstack Puppet Neutron
  • Openshift Ansible
  • Openstack Fuel Plugin for Nuage



For the past few weeks I have been working with Containers (specifically docker) for my work on Redhat Openshift. I was able to make a number of contributions to the Openshift Ansible toolkit as part of my work on the Openshift platform for Nuage. Has been super fun.

However what really excites me about my current work is that I have also started using Golang for my work and am really liking it. I find Go to be a crossbreed of Python and C and I think it makes sense to use Golang instead of C++. To be fair I haven’t worked with C++ to write any production code but consider myself fortunate for avoiding that pain.

3D Printing after a while

It’s been a while that I 3D printed anything. Have been really busy after joining Nuage . However today I decided to print something on my printer since Tanu’s cousin is here and he wanted to see how 3d printing work. However I had to calibrate my 3d printer before I could use it, so used the calibration circuit that I had designed to easy the process. The design is open source and is shown below



The confusion started right at the united airlines gate at the Newark airport. We had to stand In line twice, once to get our passport checked and once to board our flight. Again while boarding the flight we had of our passport ready.

Once we landed in movie, the immigration was a breeze. Getting home using a cab was equally easily as well. No hassles at all. I am just hoping that my kids don’t fall sick during this short trip.


Have been using vijava for one of my projects recently.  It’s a fairly decent Java wrapper over Vmware’s web services API. However there are some very basic Java bugs with the library, for example the VirtualEthernetCard class does not override the equals methods (really!!!). This has been causing me a pain while comparing two Sets of VirtualEthernetCard objects. I wish the author had followed the rules mentioned in the awesome book “Effective Java“.